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My days are long & stressful because my child is fighting Childhood cancer. The past week taking THRIVE has helped me get through the days a lot easier! Energy level is off the chart, multi-tasking is in full force, general discomforts are better & the Lbs are dropping! My hubby also got to experience THRIVE & I can say that every couple should be THRIVING together!

Day One: UNBELIEVABLE! Have not come across a product like this in YEARS. On top of my game all day.

So, today David came by the house to pick up his Thrive order, later in the day he texted me and said "WHY DO YOU LOOK DIFFERENT?' of course, to me I look the same, but he explained I just look better, happier, bouncier and that I appear to be thinning up and looking more tone! The scales have not said much good news for me, but they never do when I start working out, so I checked out my measurements and he was right, I've lost s Inches! and it's awesome that there Is an obvious change In my physical and emotional appearance from someone who has seen how yucky I have felt the last couple of years, and only having seen me about two weeks ago before Thrive, to, today being a totally different person.

Le-Vel keeps you focused on how good you feel, instead of what is missing...

I have been on the Thrive Lifestyle Capsule for one full week every day with the shake and let me tell you I am BLOWN away by the vivid description that Paul gives because I am the poster child of feeling the brain connection in TEN MINUTES after I take my first capsule!! You talk about laser focused with an incredibly smooth consistent energy all day long!! I drink my shake with almond milk, half a banana, and blueberries 4-5 minutes after and I find it to be WAY BETTER than any shake I have tasted from any other company in recent years. I DO notice my cravings are greatly reduced and this is a biggie but I have been a coffee drinker for 45 years.... I hardly drink one cup of coffee now simply because I feel so good on this capsule, I don't want coffee interfering with it!!

Thrive Change my life, I had the best day of my life. I knew then we had a winner and this opportunity was going to be huge.... Let's THRIVE together!* George Goodwin After taking my 1st day of THRIVE I could tell a huge difference. My appetite was down & my energy level was up. I was be able to feel full of energy and positive throughout the whole work day. Now I keep checking the mail box daily hoping that my Wife has won more THRIVE!!

I woke up this morning with general aches and discomfort due to my 8 1/2 month olds feet pushing me all over the bed last night. I took my 2 Thrive capsules, had my shake and applied my DFT and I feel like a million bucks!!!!!

So Saturday night I wasn't sleeping soundly and usually when that happens I am ruined the next day. I finally decided sound sleep is not going to happen so I get up and grab my Thrive out of the refrigerator and I take my Thrive Capsule for Men and follow it up with the Thrive Premium Shake Mix. I was thriving the entire day. I couldn't believe how great I felt the entire day ... beyond impressed!!!

My friend Toni was kind enough to share a sample with me and I can't believe the difference I felt! My general discomfort has calmed, I had energy to get a lot accomplished, and was better able to manage my appetite. The next day, with no Thrive, I was back to feeling how I did pre Thrive and wanting some more of it!

"THRIVE is blowing me away!! 2 weeks in and we can't believe the results! 2 promoters have upgraded just off of a sample lol! My mother in law says 'it's like Saturday everyday' (she feels good) haha!

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My name is Lena, I am 46 years old and living the life! This is my Thrive Experience.

I’ve never been a caffeine drinker and I wasn’t dealing with my weight. What I was, was a tired, grumpy, lacking overall wellness and dealing with general aches, cupcake lover that didn’t eat her veggies! I was a lump on the couch. Even my naps needed naps! I had the mental motivation to be fit and healthy but because of the junk fuel I was giving it, my body was not a willing participant.

My friends Ben and Claudia Stepan thoughtfully sent me a sample of Thrive. I tossed it because "I am no fool and I don’t fall for things like that." One year later, they were still Thriving and I was still on the couch feeling foolish! Having had enough, I called the Stepans and on July 6, 2017, I began a new chapter in my life!

Day 1: I felt it immediately but I wasn’t 100% sure.

Day 3: Something great was happening and I definitely liked it! My sugar cravings had lessened, my digestive system was back on track and I didn’t need a nap!

Day 14: This was my “Ah-Ha” moment. My general aches and discomfort were starting to calm.The joint support of Thrive was not a benefit that I was counting on, but oh how I welcomed it! That was the moment I knew, life as I had known it was over!

Secretly, I have always dreamed of saving the world. By August of 2017, I knew exactly how I was going to do it. I was going to tell everyone about Thrive! Once again, I called the Stepans and I proudly became a Le-Vel Brand Promoter.

It has been almost seven months since I placed my first Thrive order and since then I have only had one cupcake! ONE and I have no desire for another. THAT'S HUGE! I still don’t eat my veggies but I get my greens by adding Boost to my Lifestyle Mix every morning. I exercise daily, I rest well, I no longer crave sugar and my general aches and discomforts are still calm! My mind and body are finally working together and I feel GREAT!

How long has it been since you’ve been able to say with all honesty that you feel GREAT?

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My name is Beth Scheid and this is my Thrive Experience.

I was skeptical for a very long time Ashley Wiggings was very persistent and would give up on me.

I a mom of six beautiful children and grandma of 14 wonderful babies. I work 80 hrs a week at the Center for Disability Rights and trying to juggle it all.

I met Ashley Wiggins online and her energy and always being happy and post after post and made me think why not? I joined. Thank God I did when I did. I am no longer tired run down drained I feel like a new person, a new women; I owe it all to THRIVE. I couldn't imagine another day without this. I can handle anything I can finally get through a day.

Again, thank you so very much! Thrive did more for me then anyone can imagine. I am very happy to be in this company and to top it off I can make extra money while I Thrive.

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My name is Heather Halbach and this is my 6-month Thrive Experience!

I was one of those people that tried everything to lose weight and even though I was in another company I didn’t think to even try Thrive... until one day, I saw a former upline post on how she joined Le-Vel. I kept seeing her Thrive Experience results and how other people were feeling on these 3 simple steps! So, I decided to join Le-Vel in March as a Promoter...

It wasn’t until July that I actually tried these 3 simple steps and fell in love with these products! As I felt more energized and the appetite management helps me thru my cravings, I started to lose weight! I couldn’t believe I actually finally found these products that helped me to manage my weight that I dealt with after my daughter was born.

Sometimes I even find myself as the energizer bunny! Lol. When September rolled around I tried the new DUO and watched the inches fly right off! I was in shock!

As I continue to Thrive, I feel much better... I lose 31lbs to this day... I went from 242lbs to 211lbs.

Thriving changed my life and it will certainly change yours!

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Good day!! My name is Brenda Slenzak and this is my updated 2-year Thrive Experience.

I am 37 years old, a wife and a mom of a 17-year-old beautiful daughter and a 15-year-old handsome young man.

Before Thrive, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, lost in a rabbit hole. Except my hole was a negative place. My family did everything they could to pull me back out, but I just kept pushing them away until they stopped and started to pull themselves away. I knew I needed a change, I knew I needed help. I tried everything to get the old me back. The person my husband fell in love with and the mom my children deserve!!

Then Thrive came into my life. By Day 5, I was no longer drinking numerous cups a coffee. I was no longer napping during the day. I was no longer needing Mt Dew. I had this amazing feeling of energy to get thru the days without a cloud over my head. I started working on eating better and making better food choices. In the first 18 months of Thriving, I managed to lose 30 pounds and keep it off. Then July, I ordered the new DFT DUO!! Since starting Duo, I have lost another 10 pounds, numerous inches and down 3 pant sizes.

I am happier in my skin, no longer in that negative rabbit hole and loving life with my family. If only Thrive was around when my kids were younger, maybe I would have been the best mom they needed.

So if someone is telling you about Thrive, it's not because they want something from you, they want a better quality of life for you. We know what its done for all of us and wish all of you the best life too!!

Life is too short to only survive through it, be ALIVE and THRIVE through it!!

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When you take a room full of people who have been impacted by three simple steps… You get a whole lot of positive energy!

Thank you Drew Hoffman for sharing with us last night in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

~Blair Critch

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Hello everyone, my name is Brianna Cuttruff and this is my Thrive Experience.

Before Thrive I was tired, I had a newborn baby and a toddler, I had no drive to get up and do things. I would find myself sleeping whenever I could and barely getting things done around the house. I almost never cooked, so we had taken out a lot. I wasn’t the best me I could be.

Day 1- I am happy to say I was a Day 1 Thriver. I was worried about the taste of the shakes but boy was it delicious, I was actually upset that I finished it. What? That’s insane! The 3 steps were so easy. I was awake and I had energy. I felt great and wondered why I hadn’t started sooner.

Day 3- I woke up in a better mood, ready for the day and awake! Not to mention I slept like a baby. I cooked dinner and I was drinking tons of water, I felt great! At this point, I knew I would never go a day without Thrive in my life ever again and made the decision for my husband that he would also be Thriving.

Day 10- My entire life has changed in such a short period of time, I have never felt better. I’m happier, I have more energy, I sleep better, I have more patience. I’m a better mother, I’m a better wife and most importantly I’m a better me.

If your reading this and this sounds like you or someone you know, and you’re wondering if you should take the plunge. Do it! Do it for your family, for your significant other, do it for yourself, whatever the reason is, do it!

Stop waiting, start thriving now. You will be so happy you did.

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Hi, my name is Andy Dawson and I’ve been Thriving for almost 2 years. This is my Thrive Experience!

I decided to start because I was tired of being tired. I work in an office environment where almost all my time is slumped over a desk, working on safety critical projects in the railway industry. Every morning, I would reach for coffee to get myself going and I would regularly feel exhausted around 3 pm and this is when I would reach out for more coffee. The tiredness would continue when I got home from work and having quality time with family and exercising was becoming difficult. Something had to change!

Especially as this was so far from how I used to feel. As a Professional Football (soccer) player in my younger days, I knew what it felt like to be full of energy, to be at the peak of fitness both mentally and physically and to recover quickly. I knew I wanted to get back to feeling close to this again.

My wife, Lisa and I accepted the 3-day sample from our friends and began the simple 3 steps, Lifestyle Capsules, shake and the DFT in the first 20 minutes of our day.

Day 1-7 I was not getting the results I hoped for. I’d heard of these “First-Day Thrivers” where people were getting instant results and I was expecting the same. However, I persevered and halved my daily intake of Thrive. I also started to drink more water which I had quickly learned is essential when taking Thrive.

Day 8-14 things started to improve. Very noticeable. I was sleeping better and feeling a lot less tired throughout the day. I felt fresher at work, I was much more awake when I got home and coffee intake had dramatically reduced. (At this point, I now felt that taking a full daily dose of Thrive was achievable for me.)

Over time this new found energy and mental clarity have given me the energy and time to get back into exercising regularly, and (along with the reduction in coffee intake) I have dropped a few inches off my waistline!

I also know that the introduction of the DUO DFT helped because my appetite changed and I was not snacking or feeling as hungry.

After a few months, I stopped noticing the benefits but this wasn’t a bad thing! Feeling energized, sleeping better, being more alert and exercising on a regular basis had now become the norm.

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My name is Janni Schakow and this is my Thrive Experience!

Before Thrive, I had lost over 100 pounds and was looking for a way to take my health journey to the next level.

I saw my friend Brittany post about Thrive on social media for about two months before I reached out to her. I actually rolled my eyes the first month of seeing her posts. But then I realized that it was the exact thing I was looking for.

So I called Brittany and asked her about buying the products. I was a consultant at the time for another direct sales company so I was not interested whatsoever in being a promoter. I just wanted to try the products.

However, to my surprise I ended up becoming a promoter that very morning because Brittany explained to me that it’s free to become a promoter and if anyone did get the products from me I would get commission from it but that there was no sort of obligation to sell anything. And I definitely made sure of that because I was already in another direct sales company and I work full time as well so I didn’t want to be responsible for having to meet any sort of quotas or anything like that.

So day one of Thrive I didn’t notice a whole lot. I feel like my mood was a little better but that was about it.

Day 3 I had cut out my usual 2-3 cups of coffee and I was starting to feel a little more energy.

By day 7 I no longer craved candy. This was huge because anyone who knows me knows that I would eat candy like crazy and even though I had lost over 100 pounds I still ate a lot of it. So the fact that I simply no longer craved it and was instead craving things like water, fruits and veggies was a HUGE deal!

Week three rolled around and I knew this was something I was gonna stick to for a while because I just felt a zest for life that I hadn’t felt in a while. I was waking up before my alarm, little things didn’t frustrate me anymore and I even started to not crave soda.

One other amazing benefit was that because of my excitement for these products I had over 12 friends in the first month who also decided to start their Thrive Experience and so not only was I reaping the benefits of these amazing products personally but I was now getting to use the products for free because of our referral program AND I was getting paid commission for their orders as well!

All this to say that this is not a quick fix but if you’re looking for something to fill in your nutritional gaps and help take your health to the next level. This might be the exact thing you’ve been looking for.

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Yep, I am STILL THRIVING and it just keeps getting BETTER!

My name is Amy Hauser and this is my 4-Year Updated Thrive Experience!

First, let me take you back down memory lane for a sec! I decided to start my Thrive Experience 4 years ago because a friend sent me a message! Yep! That’s it! I'd NEVER heard of it before but MAN she was sure loving it!

Today, I am still constantly saying THANK YOU to Britney Beneke for jumping out of her comfort zone and telling me how AWESOME she was feeling because of Thrive! My life and the lives of thousands and thousands of people have forever changed because of that ONE message! Pretty Powerful stuff!

Day 1: I fell in love with the SIMPLICITY of Thrive! Three simple products taken in the first 40 minutes of my day on an empty stomach and I am off and running! No crazy regimens to follow! I was simply fueling my body with natural, Non-GMO and Gluten Free vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and that Derma Fusion Technology! Awesome!

Day 3: I woke up and did NOT hit that snooze button! What?!?! I was refreshed and ready to conquer my day!

Day 10: Now THAT’s where my new life BEGAN! My general joints aches started to calm! My workouts that were becoming stagnant if not going downhill started ROCKIN again! My husband started to notice that I was sleeping soundly all night and I was loving that I still had enough left in my tank at the end of the day for my kiddos! Here’s the cool part, The LONGER I Thrived the BETTER I felt! I could go ON and ON about all the benefits, but you truly just NEED to experience the best of the best Premium Grade Nutrition and the best delivery system and absorption for yourself!!

Here’s a quick highlight reel! As I look back on my photos over the last four years, it is truly an eye-opener that I am LIVING my life to Its FULLEST now! No more going through the motions!

At the age of 41, I am still able to train for fun athletic challenges and push my body to the limits because the lack of energy and motivation holding me back! I never enjoyed running in the past due to the stress it put on my joints, but I have now enjoyed competing in Ragnar trail for the last two years! This year brings more fun new challenges like Tough Mudder! And when I train, I can progress and recover and focus back like I was in my Golden Gloves Boxing days! I am STILL sleeping like a baby, I am forever GRATEFUL on these cold winter days in Minnesota! And, I am now enjoying my new found passion of helping others achieve the same!

TIME FREEDOM and awesome relationships I’ve built with my Thriving network, watching OTHERS have their lives changed with the Thrive Experience has been some of my favorite things about SHARING with others!

If you are not Thriving, what are you waiting for? I’d love to watch YOUR story unfold! You deserve to THRIVE!!!

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When Thrivers Become Family... and Bridesmaids :) you know you’ve found something truly special!

Two years ago, I had no idea three simple steps would change my life, let alone introduce me to these lovely ladies who I can proudly say are some of my best friends! Friends who were not best friends before Thrive. Friends who now encourage, motivate, and inspire one another, plan events and travel together, and best of all, experience LIFE together!

Thank you, Dana Chuva, Marissa Griffin, and Dani Angelo for standing by my side on one of the most important days of my life.

Thank you Le-Vel for creating a company that literally THRIVES on relationships and continuously remains focused on PEOPLE. Pete and I will be forever grateful for the FAMILY we’ve made because of the Thrive Experience.


Amanda Antoske (formerly Gilmore)

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My name is Jill Kratzer from Selinsgrove, PA, and this is my 4-month Thrive Experience.

🍁 Oct 1, 2017 🍂 Day One... I knew within the first two hours of my day that this was something I needed and was truly missing. All it took was the first 30 minutes of my day. The 1, 2, 3, didn’t interfere with my a.m. routine at all. I was looking forward to my morning lifestyle shake now rather than coffee ☕ and Monsters ALL day.

My days started at 3 am every day until 5 pm when I got home, I was exhausted, I only wanted to sleep 😴 until the next morning. This wasn’t fair to my 👨 boys👨‍. I know they wanted more from me and I wanted to be able to go outside and play with them after work too (I was just so tired.) My grades were slipping also, I was really falling into a funk and didn't know how to get myself back. 😕

🤔 So... What did I have to lose "if" Thrive didn’t work? Nothing... I jumped on board and have been able to work 👷‍ 12-hour days and come home to my wild boys and enjoy them without feeling 🐌sluggish. Making dinner, housework and tubby time doesn’t seem like such hard tasks to accomplish anymore. I almost forgot I loved chocolate of any kind, now I’m lucky if I eat a mini candy🍫 bar once a week. Thrive has filled in another gap in my diet and for that I’m grateful. Better moods and general happiness are by far one of the greatest benefits of being a Thriver.

I would’ve never thought having the proper nutrition could help my Mind and Body is so many ways. My only regret is I didn’t start sooner.😁

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My name is Kara M. Monroe and this is my Thrive Experience.

Advance warning: stream of consciousness writing but this is important to me.

As we are just over two weeks into this New Year and we continue to get blasted with messages of embracing healthier lifestyles, I want to share my personal experience as a platform for the importance of self-care and love.

You can't pour from an empty cup. I've seen this quote a couple of times now and it hits me in the feels. It is a simple yet heavy statement. Late 2016 into early 2017, I was pouring from an empty cup. Going, going, going. Trying to be more. Beating myself into submission, BE BETTER, DO MORE but the most neglected participant in my life was me. I lost sight of filing my cup, taking care of myself. It took a toll on my health. The one thing I could truly do for me I could no longer do; I was no longer in control of my health. For several months there were more questions than answers. I was angry and frustrated. I felt helpless and ashamed. I was in survival mode.

In early September, my health outlook became brighter. I regained the courage and determination to make myself a priority; mind, body, and soul. I have been focused on celebrating what my body can do, filling it with proper nutrition and exercise (and rest.) Through Thrive, I have found a premium nutrition source I need that fills these gaps and helps push me to do more than just survive.

Through this, I have realized my strength, my heart, and my passion for me; my celebration of life. I may be a little bent, but I am certainly not broken.

Make yourself a priority.

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My name is Emily Harney, I’m 21 years old, I’m from West Des Moines, Iowa and this is my Thrive Experience.

This is my failing forward story.

I’ve failed many times. I don’t like to ask for help. I’m stubborn and I don’t enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone. But 7 months ago, that all changed.

I work more jobs than your average college student. I work as a graphic artist, web designer, I volunteer, I’m an event planner, I run a make-up business and I’m a marketing executive. It would be hard to manage my lifestyle, as you can imagine. I’m always on the clock. But that’s what keeps me going, I ‘THRIVE’ on working.

About 7 months ago, I was tagged in some images from a wedding client of mine. This is a rare occasion as I’m usually behind the scenes. She had written me a lovely letter about how she loved working with my team. I was overjoyed; eager to see my images.

When she tagged me in them. I cried. Cried for hours. Embarrassed and wanting the earth to swallow me whole. I knew that this was the moment. I had to make a change. At this time, I weighed 250 pounds (left side image). This was unbelievable to me. I had no idea that this could happen to someone like myself. How could I have been that reckless with my body?

I got on a call with my dear friends Todd & Tammy Crase. A call that I will never forget. I was sitting at my desk in class; in silent tears. I had known the Crases’ for several years. I was a model with their oldest son and I had shown pigs with their youngest son. ‘Pageants and pigs’ was my slogan! Wild combination, but that was just me. I was Miss Iowa Jr. Teen 2014, Dallas County Fair Queen 2015 & the 1st Runner Up Iowa State Fair Queen 2015.

During my phone call, I could barely talk. Speechless and afraid to ask for help. Tammy assured me that I could do this and it would be as easy as 1.. 2.. 3. AND IT WAS.

Due to my busy lifestyle, my head was being tricked into think that I was ‘active.’ That was soooo wrong. I was NOT putting premium nutrition in my body. I swear it was garbage. lol.

I’m a Day 1 Thriver. If y’all thought I was crazy will a million jobs, my life just got better with my Thrive! I was off the walls with happiness, energy and the motivation to get more done than I needed.

Thrive is for anyone with 2 legs. So yes, that means YOU! The hardest part about the journey is opening up and asking for help. That I can promise. The rest is easy, get up 1..2..3.. and JOIN ME!

Part of my failure was not asking for help and not opening up. I’ve learned that we all just need to embrace that all of us fail and that’s what makes us stronger. Use your failures as a motivator to lean on. For every excuse, do a push-up, run a lap. I did my fair share. My excuse list was about 90 miles long. But here I am THRIVING. NOT SURVIVING.

Thrive, thank you for allowing me to lose a lot of weight and getting me back to myself. Thrive also allowed me to burst out of my shell, share my story at a local, and do a Facebook Live with Todd.

Todd and Tammy, thank you for opening my eyes to a world I never knew of and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Wow… I can’t wait to see myself in another 7 months.

YOUR DAY IS TODAY. THERE IS NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT. My journey isn’t over and neither is yours.

“What the mind believes, the body achieves.”

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My name is Carmen Rosa Scott-Medina and this is my Thrive Experience.

I am 34 years young. I came to the USA from Puerto Rico in 1997 not knowing any English. Now, I am bilingual. I am a mother of 2 teenagers; a 13-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl on her way to college. Now, I am the stepmother to a beautiful toddler baby girl; she has some special needs, therefore, I need to be feeling good too and healthy so I can nurture her and raise her as well as I did with my own children.

I have attended college for many majors and worked in many fields. You might not believe all the jobs I have held since I was 10. My favorite one to share is that when I was 10 years old I used to sell crafts door-to-door with a wagon through the whole neighborhood all alone. I have worked in retail, sales of electronics and cell phones, advanced technical support, web support, direct sales, cosmetology, and food service. I have also been a Training Coordinator, an Emergency Medical Technician, a Chiropractic Assistant, a Rehabilitation Patient Advocate and a Certified Medical Clinical Assistant. I currently do Acrylic Painting, I focus on healing natural stones and gems and make jewelry with them. I do makeup and try to sale makeup on the side. I am also a Reiki Practitioner.

Prior to Thrive, I have been dealing and working through some health challenges and emotional stress, along with general body aches and discomforts.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Thrive by a friend of mine. There should be a special word for my skepticism. I researched and compared sites information. I defined each ingredient on each product, I did my homework. However, from my own research, I started to believe that this might actually improve my overall health and wellness. My friend offered me a Mini Three-Day Experience. Well, what do I have to lose then... Nothing. I either try it and like it, or try it and don’t like it.

I started to promote to get my Starter Pack for free, but I ended up getting a couple of customers and just raising the money on my own by selling things I no longer needed at home. I quickly, within 4 days, raised the money for my Starter Pack.

I started the Mini Experience the next morning. OMG, what a feeling. I did my own experiment within the 3 days.

1st Day - I took it normally with everything I usually take… and I felt great.

2nd Day - I took Thrive without the usual things I normally take, and I felt even better.

3rd Day - I was complaining that my order wasn't going to arrive on time and I was going to run out of my Mini Experience.

I have notice it has already improved my overall wellness and calmed my mild headaches. I can tell it provides me mood support and mental well being. Thrive has helped me get my happy back. It has started to calm my general aches and discomfort as well as my joint function. I definitely sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed. I feel as I have a greater purpose.

I will continue to invest time in this life-changing experience, and change many other lives in my path. Blessed Be!

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Hello, my name is Mika Burris and this is my Thrive Experience!

Have you ever been so tired, you weren’t interested in doing anything? That’s how I felt before I started Thrive.

I have been taking my 3-step Thrive Experience since the middle of July and I feel amazing! I have the energy to do my household chores, more singing, dancing, volunteering as an aide in my mom’s classroom, and taking fewer naps!

After my first Three Months on Thrive, I was able to wear jeans that haven’t fit me in two years!!! I noticed I was able to manage my appetite and when I wanted something to drink, I craved water, when before, I preferred pop.

I added DUO in December, just to try it and I was able to mange my appetite even more! I’m sleeping better and feeling more rested every day! I’m looking forward to warmer weather, so I can go walking or swimming with my mom and participating in Special Olympics Summer Games!

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Hey! My name is Amy Cheney and this is my Thrive Experience.

I'm a wife, mom to 3 boys! I stay home with them full time and enjoy every second of it! My oldest is 3.5 years old and my other two are 1 and 2 months!

A back to back pregnancy, I DEFINITELY needed something for my energy levels. After he was born, I started Thrive plus DUO! Not even 4 weeks on DUO and there's a major change in my body, my energy, and my mood!!

Before Thrive I was moody, I was snapping at everything and everyone! I was definitely a "mombie!!!"

After Thrive, I'm running around with my boys, laughing, and being a MOM! I feel like a super mom some days!

I tried Black Label for the first time and my ENTIRE kitchen (I'm talking the oven, counters, sink, fridge, freezer... The list goes on!) was completely clean. I shocked my husband and he thought something was wrong with me! Lol!

If you're not Thriving, you really are missing out because I know I definitely was! Now I'm living and enjoying life of a mom of 3 and a wife at 24 years old!! :)

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My name is Jessica Pitmon and this is my Thrive Experience.

Before Thrive, I was very stressed out and emotional!! I'm 31, a Fed-Ex Home Delivery Driver, wife and mother of 3 girls, ages 8, 2 and 1. I was not in the best of shape and I wasn't eating healthy. I lacked restful sleep at night, and it was very hard to get up in the morning. I was very cranky and hateful toward my kids and that was upsetting because I had no idea where it was coming from. I have prayed on how to be a calmer much loving mother and wife. I was searching for something to improve my mental clarity. I have been dealing with general aches and discomforts that affected my overall quality of life.

Day 1: I don't know if I was scared or excited about taking a chance on trying something new. I followed the easy 3 steps.. I was surprised that the Lifestyle Mix was really, really good! I wasn't too sure if the DFT would last all day with the job I do. Loading and unloading a truck all day and sweating. After 45 minutes, I could feel the energy gaining. 2 hrs into the morning, I wasn't as hungry as I normally would have been. By ‪9 am‬ I'm normally starving but I went right past the gas station and didn't feel the need to get a biscuit. I was craving water. I was curious to see what the next day would bring.

Day 3: I followed all 3 steps and I was ready for my day!! Day 1 and 2 were good but when I woke up on day 3, I was smiling! I had slept soundly all thru the night!!! What ??!? I also noticed my general body aches and discomforts were calm.

As we proceeded through the morning with getting kids up and ready, I noticed I was much calmer with all the craziness going on. I was nicer to my husband and didn't feel as stressed out, which I should have been because this was right in the middle of peak season at work, right before Christmas. I was working 65 hrs a week in the cold weather. I was still craving water and didn't feel the need for coffee or energy drinks. I wanted fruits!! I don't even like fruit... But it was good!

Day 10... I was on cloud 9!!! I couldn't believe that I had finally found something so simple that I could do to fill my nutritional gaps. Giving me the energy to make it thru my day of work, then kids, then house chores. I was feeling like a million bucks on Day 10. I had lost a little bit of weight by that time.

I am currently down 20 lbs. I couldn't really tell you how many inches I've lost, but I literally have no jeans to wear because they are all too big. My digestion is on track. My body feels like it is 20 again. I am very energetic. I come in after work now and do not want to just crash. I am playing with the kids more. I am able to process information more clearly. Just over all amazing results!

I love this product because it simply works. My husband started Jan 6th and he loves it too. He will have a story soon. We would encourage other couples to Thrive!! It's amazing to see what it has done for my family and I just went 4k and I'm ready to rock!

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Hello, I'm Justina Jensen and this is my Thrive Experience.

I'd like to express a deep gratitude towards finding a product FINALLY that works for me!

I found THRIVE in September of 2017. I am a Day 1 Thriver!

Effects of major energy without any crash, mood support, feelings of "I can conquer this day" come to mind as I reflect on my Thrive Experience.

I currently utilize all 3 steps in my self-care regimen. I find THRIVE safe, effective and affordable, even for a Mommy on a very small income.

I have Le-Vel to thank for my new found confidence and enthusiasm towards each and every day, and challenge that comes my way!

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Hi y’all! My name is Emily Chapa! I started my Thrive Experience in May of 2015. Yup, I’m still taking my 3 glorious, amazing steps! Must be something to this Thrive thing!

I am a mom of a 4-year-old and 3-year-old who keep me running daily. The three steps give me clean sustained energy to keep up with them and run a business of changing lives daily. It helped my digestive system, weight management, focus, calms my general aches, and has given me back my spark in life!

I am so grateful to be a part of a movement that is giving people their inspiration and lives back! In the almost 3 years I have been Thriving, it started with just sharing my story. Because I decided to share with others, not only do I Thrive for FREE, many of my friends and family are living a life they deserve and sharing their experiences as well!

I am so proud of our team and the growth we have achieved by simply sharing our Thrive Journeys! 2 1/2 years ago, I would have never imagined that our team would be achieving unimaginable goals thanks to the Thrive Experience! It is truly life-changing and every day I count my blessings and the people in my life.

Thrive is not just about the 3 steps that make you feel amazing, it’s about the people that support you and cheer you on as you go along in this journey! I have never felt so encouraged in my life to make a difference in others lives until I joined this amazing company for FREE!!! Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on and believed in me even during times that I didn’t believe in myself!

Thrive on and always remember, “We Rise by lifting others!”

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My name is Mendy Goodman and I am from Denver, Colorado

This is my updated Thrive Experience!

Wow, where has time gone?

It's been 22 months and a total transformation at that!

Let me take you back to the day that I and my husband started this experience! I woke up at about 8:30 am that morning to a knock at the door. It was a friend dropping off a sample!!!! My husband was still in bed. I walk upstairs and he is still asleep. I told him to take these 2 capsules and to drink the full glass of water! While he walked around all sluggish and could hardly get out of bed I went downstairs and made his lifestyle mix and took it up to him and told him to drink it all fast. Then I said to put this DFT on and keep it on all day!

I was so amazed how great it tasted and the simplicity and we did not know at the time it was about to change our lives.

Who knew what was about to happen? We were sitting at the dining table eating breakfast when I realized I had only had a few bites and did not need more, my husband looks at me and says aren't you hungry and I reply with no. He sits and thinks about how he had not craved the sugar that he was used to daily.

Turns into about 4pm, and my son is outside playing basketball with his dad! This never happened this was amazing, meanwhile, I'm standing in the kitchen making dinner something I never did because we eat out a lot because I never had energy by the time dinner came around. That night we sat at the table discussing how we were in love with Thrive! I was sleeping soundly and waking up feeling rested! And being a mom and wife, I needed that.

That night I went to bed feeling great and woke up the next morning knowing my life was forever about to change and that thrive was real. Yes, I was a skeptic too and a soda and coffee drinker but Thrive gave me what I needed without the crash.

Here we are 22 months later, and I am still grateful for simplicity and the products I take every single day! No more late morning wake-ups, instead I wake up 1-2-3 and I am done. My general aches have calmed, I don't eat the junk I once craved first thing in the morning and I enjoy my life again. On Saturday I turn 36 and I sure don't feel it.

In April I went to Dallas came back with my focus on my family and changing lives every day and that is exactly what I have done,

Thank you Thrive for coming into my life when I most needed it and bringing the happiness back in me and my husband's life and giving me the patience to live each day to the fullest even with a teenager.

I can't wait for all my new accomplishments.

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